C’s Story

Who am I? Something you may never find out but everything I will write in these blogs are true to my life. The names may be changed for identity protection but I will only speak of true occurances and behaviours etc.

I’m a 31 year old female who has had a pretty decent life. It wasn’t easy, but I think thats what makes a life decent. Tales, stories and challenges. Moments which made you who you are today.

Mum had a nervous breakdown when I was 7, only felt like it happened yesterday. You’d never guess she was that same person. Taught me to stand on my feet but also taught me to run away from emotions. Although she’d be heartbroken if she knew I’d said that out loud.

I went through school as your average behaved teenage girl who hit puberty atleast 5 years prior to everyone else. School was not my main subject, Men were. I told you.. I hit puberty young. Hormones were shot (Still are). I was a woman when my friends were still girls. When you are 14 this isn’t something you get excited about. I had boobs, hips, a bum. Glorious blonde hair and I looked atleast 17! My first boyfriend believed I was 16 when really I was 14. He was 18 and was soon to be 19. Oh my how I thought he was wonderful.

Moving on a few years later, I met the man who would take me through some very important stages of young adult life. I met him at 16, we broke up when I was 24. To this day, it was one of the hardest days of my life.
I’ve been single ever since. There was one guy who moved into my heart for a few years but he didn’t want it. He just wanted to play with it. That held up another few years.

Other than this I didn’t want, or need love. It caused too much heartache and what if I met the wrong person again? What if I hurt him? What if he hurt me? But deep down I knew I was really thinking “Don’t be silly, he’s not going to fancy me!!”

Then it happened. The travel feet came out and I moved myself across the world through Asia and in to Australia where I made myself a new life. I made friends, a special little family, I met a guy. It was only home for 10 months but it could have been forever. My life changed. I returned to the UK a completely different person and this is how I’ll stay.



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