You can call me C

I am C. I’m 31. I’m female, I live in my home town of Bristol, UK. I’ve got the best family and friends in the world, I’ve had a pretty good life and I’ve seen more of the world than most people I know.

I’m 31, I live with my parents and I’m starting to think I’m destined to be single forever.

Welcome to my newest hobby..My Blog. I’m keeping this first post simple. I’m not sharing my true identity (just yet). But what I will be sharing is my ups and downs. My struggles (or not so much) in the dating world and just as much as you can stand to read about my life.
I don’t think I’m any different to anyone else. I’m no more special than you and you’re no more special than me. I want everyone to realise that the things we think and feel and the way we behave are probably no different to the person who sat next to you on the train today. We may be different but we’re all human. We all have emotions and we all do silly shit sometimes!

So welcome to my life. I am C. I’m 31 and I want to fall in love.



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