Lets talk about Loyalty

It was a sad day for GBBO fans today as Mary Berry announced that she would not follow the BBC show to Channel 4. I’ve only really become a fan of the programme this series but its fair to say that even those who don’t own a TV know that Mary Berry is the face of the show. I really wish I could have a nice cuppa with her tonight, give her a kiss on the cheek and say “Thank you”. Thank you for giving us faith again and showing us Brits that Loyalty is still very much alive.
Loyalty. One simple word with so much emotion. Loyalty is a part of each and everyone of us. Some people use it well, some people not so well. But when it is used well then it can hold so much positive energy. If you are loyal then you’ll get alot more respect, if you are shown loyalty then you trust easier, you respect others you feel a warm special feeling of love. But if the opposite occurs it can break a world.
We, as one world, are all taught our behaviours. Most are taught at a young age, following on from Parents and Teachers etc. If as a child you were brought up in a house full of deceit then how do you ever learn about loyalty. If you’ve been shown that it’s ok to speak ill of others then how do you know otherwise? But what happens when you are shown the correct ways, what happens when you grow up in a perfect household with a perfect lifestyle and then all of a sudden other people around you introduce lies, infidelity and cruelty. We were taught that these behaviors are wrong, so why do we stand for it?? The answer to that is simple..Because we were also taught to love and to trust and we were taught to stand by the ones we love. Because we were taught to be LOYAL. Is it only us Loyal people who get hurt?
There’s been some heartbreaking occasions throughout my life in which friends (always friends) were not loyal. There is a special thing about a friend, you should trust them with your life, you should never have to doubt them or question what they’re doing or saying. You should be able to call on them whenever you needed.
Unfortunately most of these occasions involved men. What do men have over us females which breaks the loyalty bond between two girlfriends? Is it because we are not strong without men? Is it because we are scared that no other man will walk into our lives?
But what about the girlfriend..why are we not scared to lose the most precious people close to us. The people that if that man destroys us we know we can run back to our girlfriends and they’ll look after us forever and ever.
I can’t, and don’t think, I will ever understand this.
 On that note, I’m off to feed the dog. The most loyal friend a man can ever have.
Goodbye Mary.
C xx




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