Mr Interview

I need to discuss Mr Interview before he becomes another D.

I’m a big fan of the Law of Attraction. I believe it works and I’ve watched it work for me and for a few of my friends. There is a You tube video which I love to watch over and over again. It’s called Finding love using Law of Attraction, If you are a fan of Love then this is such a beautiful story.
A while back I was told to vision my perfect guy. As most would only be able to do when asked to picture something, I concentrated on the looks. I visioned a tall man with a bit of a beard (not too much), glasses, good body but not over top. He had to be quite sexual, up for banter with a great personality. I left it at this.

Now back to my amazing date app. Again, a little bored one evening and just casually scrolling through and “Whoa..STOP. Hold. There he is”. The man I visioned is right in front of me. “You, sir, are very pleasing to the eye and I want to get to know you!”. I click yes, we match and I’m not letting him get away that easily so I message. He responds, we chat maybe one message each a day. It’s very slow, and if I’m honest, a little bit boring.
I’m on holiday and all of a sudden, he’s showing more interest. He’s responding quicker, he’s showing banter, things are looking up. Maybe my vision is appearing. I asked for a guy who looked just like him and who could keep up with my banter. But what did I also ask for? Someone sexual! So what happens next.. A dick pic! I’m not really quite sure what to do with this, it arrives spontaneously right in the middle of a conversation that has nothing to do with dicks. Now, I’m very sexual and I’ve been known to enjoy myself a few times but I’ve never really had a thing for one night stands or a “Just Sex” kind of relationship. It’s just not me. I tried it once and it really didn’t work for me. But at that moment, I’m still thinking that Law of Attraction has worked for me. It just seems there has been some miscommunication and that me and the universe just need an urgent meeting to discuss and all will be fine. I play along for a while, he gets nothing in return. Then he asks me if I’d be willing to answer a list of questions. I play along and we role play into “An Interview”. I was impressed with the conversation, definitely impressed with my interview skills and I was pretty sure I had the job. I was intrigued where this could go.

We’ve been chatting on and off since then and I have been led down the sexual banter path. So many people would tell me that this is going to end bad. Half my friends believe I should walk away, the other half think I should do it! Me.. I want to do it. I want to try something new, something I’ve never done. I want to test my nerves and excite my bones.  I’ve gone so far down the path now that I’ve seen what this guy has in his garden and it’s not the garden in which I’d like to settle but it’s definitely a garden I’d like to visit. I’m still yet to find his true personality (if there is one) and there is no doubt that this man is just out for the sex. I’m 31, I’m clued up, I’m not naive and I’m sure that if I go in with that mind frame then I’ll be just fine.
At the moment I’m just talking to a screen, there is a danger that it isn’t him, I’m aware of this danger and I’m aware what I’m walking in to but I’m lost in the garden now and the only way I can get back out is by walking into the danger.

Now do you understand why I needed you to hear this story. He won’t be the subject for long but while he is, I’d like to share it with you. I think it’ll be fun.

C xx



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