A Date with a Wealthy Giant. Pt 2

Please don’t ever judge someone by their photo. If you are on a dating app then make sure you read the bio’s and judge a person by character because the best piece of advice I was ever given was that most people look better in person. We’re going to go with just men on this one, seeing as Snapchat filters that make you look nothing like yourself is how girls portray themselves these days (Might be bitchy but I’ll press on this at another time – I don’t mean it how it sounds).

Back on to the subject.. it took Richie about an hour to get here, he lives a bit further away in the middle of nowhere. I assured him that I wouldn’t be late. even though it’s a bit of a given seeing as I am female, but it took me 20 minutes to find a car parking space meaning I ended up being 10 minutes late. I nearly never made the date though because as I driving around I drove past a guy who was taller than your average tall person. He was bald and probably heading closer towards 50 years old than the young 31 he described himself as. Now, there aren’t many people who would be that tall within a small radius of each other so obviously I assumed it was him. We all know what assume does.. makes an ass out of (you know the rest). Anyway, I almost drove off in a rage, how dare he lie about something so critical. He’s clearly not 31 and why does he have hair in all of his photo’s???!!
I thought about this for a fair time but after the third or fourth go around the block I saw him, there he was looking just like his photo’s, if not better and looking very smart indeed. In smart jeans, tan shoes and a pink shirt. I do quite like a man who can pull off pink. I eventually found a space and didn’t notice that I could park for free so wasted £3 trying to get some time on my parking ticket and then casually jotted up to the door. Feeling stressed but also feeling that if my outfit, hair and gorgeous looks don’t impress him then I’m going to throw my dolls out of the pram. I opted for a Khaki smart basic cotton dress, thick black tights and ankle boots, with some cute jewellery to finish it off. The hair was curly and the make up was natural but stunning. I felt good, which should make for a positive night.

Back to me feeling a little stressed from the parking struggle, the older, Balder tall man and the wasting of £3. I approached the restaurant and he’s being a gentleman and waiting outside. He gave me the biggest hug which made me feel instantly at ease. What I hate about the first date is that for some reason the men like to say in their loudest voice “So nice to meet you!”.. Yes because the whole of this restaurant now know that we are on our first date and will be rating us for the rest of the evening. Because that is totally what I would be doing anyway.

We get seated, we chat, I say no thanks to entrée’s or a starter but he can go ahead, he also says no. We talk some more, waitress keeps bugging us for our order so we chose our meals and then chat some more. Our meals come, they’re wrong. The table next to us have been served ours and ate it even though they didn’t order those dishes, we have friendly chit-chat with them whilst waiting for our order again. We’re being spoiled now by the waitresses as they feel bad, I catch him looking at me a couple of time whilst talking to the waitress. I also catch him looking at my tattoo. He doesn’t look like a tattoo guy but still asks about it and its meaning. He tells me he once had his nipple pierced. I’m surprised, I’m intrigued. He’s different to what I thought. I catch him looking at me again (this is a good sign surely??). We eat, I order a desert. So does he. His option wasn’t available so they replaced it with a different option. He casually says “I’ll chose the next place”. If I’m not mistaken then that would hint that he’s interested in another date? I reckon so. Smiley face.
We’re last to leave the restaurant, he gives me a hug and asks if I could let him know when I’m home and I asked him to do the same.

I left with the biggest smile on my face.

And butterflies.

This hasn’t happened to me in such a long time.. I’m scared!

C xx



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