Just not that into you

It’s been 3 days since the date with Richie. We messaged briefly when we got home and also the following evening. He said he’d had a nice time and what had I thought of the night and also him. He also asked me what I’d told my friends etc. From those questions you’d think I was on to a winner. Unfortunately not. Tonight’s message was .. “You’re gorgeous, lots of fun and I had a great time but there wasn’t enough spark”. Basically he’s just not that into me. I feel better now that I know and I’m not just left hanging but don’t you just hate it when they have to tell you some positives before the big “Sorry but..”. It’s almost like they’re making themselves feel better by saying something nice and then they won’t feel as guilty about letting us down. It really annoys me. But on a more positive note..because he said those words I was instantly not disappointed. Surprisingly less disappointed about the whole situation as I thought I’d be. Plus.. Do I really want to date a workaholic??

At the end of the day I had a great night out, with a good guy and he paid for my dinner. Am I going to complain?? Not really.

But now I’ve had time to sit and think about this I see things more as positive. I have been taught by my wise mother that life is a test. We can be handed gifts from the universe as tests of appreciation and we can also be handed rubbish as tests of strength. If we pass the test we are handed better gifts, but if we fail we get handed another test. If we keep failing then we never get the gift.  I’ve come to live by this rule, as I’m sure you will learn in future writing.

So this, my fellow bloggers, was just a test. A test to show me that disappointment may arise within this big old dating world. But it’s just making way for the right one (because I know he is out there) to come along. It taught me that it’s exciting to meet guys and it’s ok to have butterflies and that I can open my heart if I really try.

But what it’s mainly taught me is that I know what I’m looking for and I’m ready for.

Bring on the boys..



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