Date 2 day

Its D2 day today with Pokemon. Date 1 was really good so I’m actually really looking forward to seeing him but I’m not quite sure I’ll agree to a 3rd date.

Tuesday was fun, we went for a drink but I was actually finding the conversation more difficult than usual. Not sure why as I’m usually pretty good at asking questions and getting a conversation started but this time it was really hard. He was good though and it didn’t go silent for too long.
It didn’t take us long to realize that there was a speed dating event going on above us and as the walls in this bar were glass it was easy to watch and laugh at the situations. At one point we were even considering joining for an extra laugh. Dave and Sheila were loving each other, if they didn’t tick each others boxes at the end of the night then I’ve lost faith in what “Fireworks” is!

Some interesting facts about Pokemon:
1. He organised and produced Guy Richie’s wedding.. Like Whaaa??? I had to try to pretend I wasn’t completely amazed by this. Keep cool etc. “Did you just say David Beckham attended.. Like the real David Beckham??? Oh right, okay, cool.”
2. He snowboards (and I think he’s pretty good at it)
3. He spent a season in the Alps (I think he said Alps). Which means he likes to explore and travel. Points earned.

A few hours later we moved on to another bar. Or I should say ran to another bar. The guy doesn’t know what casual stroll means. England were playing footie so we sat and watched that. Which is when he started cuddling me, I wasn’t sure if he was drunk at this point or just too touchy feely but as I’m trying new things I accepted it. I think maybe deep down he knew I wasn’t overly comfortable. I’m not a clingy person and sometimes I can feel a bit suffocated if it’s too much too soon.
We started playing the staring game, maybe  this was his way of seeing if he could kiss me (that’s still to come). I lost every time, which gave him more excuses to laugh and cuddle me tighter.
We decided to head home, his arm around me the whole walk back to the car. I didn’t remove it (again, trying the new thing). Seeing as it was raining and I felt comfortable enough around him I offered him a lift. This is when he kissed me. I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t the best kiss. In fact it wasn’t really a kiss I’d ask for again. But again, trying something new and all that. It was only a few hours until I received a text asking if he could see me again.

Today we’re going for a Mexican and I’m trying to just go and enjoy myself rather than reading too much into it. It’s just a 2nd date, it doesn’t matter if I already know he isn’t the one.. does it??!

But FYI – I am kind of excited.

C xxx


I think my Heart Chakra is fixed :)

As I’ve mentioned in numerous previous posts I’m quite a spiritual being. Mum is a very spiritual being and apparently I’m much like her and maybe even more powerful but I don’t believe I’ll ever be as powerful as her. But I believe in reiki and I know it worked for me and still does work for me when I need it. But each time I’ve been told that my heart chakra is closed, and each time I’ve had it re-opened. Sometimes, I’ll return a few days later and it’s already closed back up. It’s a bit like a swing door. Open, close, open, close but always eventually closes completely.
When I returned home I thought I was doing really well and that my heart chakra was open and shining and ready for love.. but then I went for some reiki and my master told me it was closed. I was so angry at myself! I thought I’d jumped over a massive fence by allowing people in and then I find out that I wasn’t! But she worked her magic and opened me up again.. Well last night’s date proved this.

He was lovely. The date was lovely. He made me laugh ALOT. He made me feel at ease. He put his arm around me. He even held my hand at one point. He kissed me. I kissed back. I didn’t get butterflies.
I’m not sure he’s my Mr Right but he’s worth a second date and he’s getting one on Sunday!

To be Cont….

C xx

New date. New attitude

I’m feeling very different towards today’s date than usual. It’s a mixture of excitement and curious with maybe a slight twinge of nervous chucked in the mix. Everything about tonight is different. Mainly because I’ve built up no perception on this guy or the date AT ALL. Which coming from me is quite a big, exciting and new experience.

I usually go in to a date almost knowing how I’m going to feel. If I’m going to like them and if it’s going to be a good date. The last few have also been “new” as such as I haven’t been in the dating game long. But I feel I’m a little more experienced now, I’ve had a few good guys, a couple of good dates and thankfully no weirdo’s so I’m feeling like I can do this.

I’ve also not really got any idea what this guy is going to look like, his pictures aren’t the clearest so I don’t have any pre-date opinions on looks, style, height etc. This is going to be new from the first hello.
We’ve not even really spoken too much. He messaged a decent message first, I replied a few times and then didn’t think I wanted to take the conversation further. A few weeks later he messaged again and tried a little harder and again only a few messages were passed back and forth and then the 3rd time lucky for him he sent a good message which made me laugh and won him a date.

So, for the first time in a long time. I’m open. I’m ready to meet someone new, even if it’s just to spend a lovely evening having a laugh and talking about rubbish. I will no longer shut out the universe and the messages and things they are sending me and I will accept any fun or love that wants to be sent my way.

Here I am world. Come and get me 🙂

C xxx

It’s been a while

A quick update into what’s been going on in my world since I last posted properly.

Works been sucky. I’ve been yucky. I can’t stop eating. My waistline won’t stop growing. And if I could lock myself away in a retreat with just myself for a week then my god I’d be there in a second.
On a more positive note I’ve been on a date with someone new and I’ve got another lined up for tomorrow (again with someone new). So it’s not all bad.
Everything I’m asking for recently is being sent to me by the Universe (so I’m going to repeat the retreat wish *hands forming praying position*) My belief in Law of Attraction is growing and once you start believing then they say that’s when it all starts. But I’ll move on to that on another day.

Mr Interview is off the scene. Well he was for about 3 weeks anyway. When I told myself that if he was even the slightest bit interested then I would have heard from him so why bother. But then that was until I drank rum, and sambuca and maybe also the odd glass of whisky which even after 5 hours sleep gave me some fierce confidence when I woke up the next morning and decided to send an 8.30am drunk text. Good thing was that he would never have guessed I was drunk (but maybe it would have been better if he had). Anyway, I basically asked if he was ever taking me out. He apologized, said he was busy and then asked me if I was after a date or sex. After I said date I never got a reply.
But another thing that’s happened over the last few weeks of being AWOL on here is that I realized I don’t want a FWB like I said I did. I may be horny as fuck (excuse the language but I needed to emphasize the issue as it’s been a while since I was even close), but I don’t want to try something that will make me feel rubbish for days after. I guess it’ll be even more amazing if I’m sexually frustrated and then do it with someone I’m genuinely into on a different level than just physical attraction. Let’s see if I can stick to my words…

Ok, new guy. FIT guy. 6ft 6.. Big arms, big chest, tattoo’s, full head of hair, good pictures, good text conversation, good job, good phone voice.. see where I’m going here?…
WRONG!!!! If there was anything that this date taught me it was to not take anything on face value because this man may have been lovely to look at but he was not good company.
It wasn’t a date, it was coffee to see if we got on and if we did then there would be a date. 10 minutes before we were due to meet he asks if we could go to the pub instead as his football team were winning and he wanted to watch it on the telly. Bare in mind that we live a few streets apart but I know the area so much better than him and the pub he’d suggested would have been bottom of my list. I said no, we’ll just meet after the match. He said no, lets go back to original venue. I said no, lets watch football. See you in 10 minutes! He arrived, but coincidentally needed the loo as soon as we’d got to the bar so I bought the drinks. Valuable points lost in half an hour.
We chatted, he kept touching my arm, asked me lots of questions about myself and if I’m honest he genuinely seemed interested. Football finished, he insisted on taking me for the coffee he’d promised me. And he paid.. Good boy! We had a laugh but something about him wasn’t right. He just seemed odd, so laid back he was almost horizontal and actually quite negative about every subject we spoke about. He did give me an amazing hug when we said goodbye and I got a text later that day to say Thanks for a good afternoon etc but I think he’d lost me by now and my responses weren’t as enthusiastic as prior to meeting him. It’s a shame as I could definitely imagine laying naked in a bed with him.

So tomorrow is another day and another date. This one will be named Pokemon. He’s a Tinder guy. Shorter than I’d like but persistent enough to impress me and good humor too so we’ll give it a go.

C xxxx

When life gets busy 

I’ve been really poor at posting on here lately. It started off well but then I hit a never ending road in my daily life that caused mayhem in my thoughts and I would never have been able to cram them into words.

I’ve met a few guys in these last few weeks and I’ve made more of an effort in the dating game so lots to update you on.

Will be back soon

C xx