New date. New attitude

I’m feeling very different towards today’s date than usual. It’s a mixture of excitement and curious with maybe a slight twinge of nervous chucked in the mix. Everything about tonight is different. Mainly because I’ve built up no perception on this guy or the date AT ALL. Which coming from me is quite a big, exciting and new experience.

I usually go in to a date almost knowing how I’m going to feel. If I’m going to like them and if it’s going to be a good date. The last few have also been “new” as such as I haven’t been in the dating game long. But I feel I’m a little more experienced now, I’ve had a few good guys, a couple of good dates and thankfully no weirdo’s so I’m feeling like I can do this.

I’ve also not really got any idea what this guy is going to look like, his pictures aren’t the clearest so I don’t have any pre-date opinions on looks, style, height etc. This is going to be new from the first hello.
We’ve not even really spoken too much. He messaged a decent message first, I replied a few times and then didn’t think I wanted to take the conversation further. A few weeks later he messaged again and tried a little harder and again only a few messages were passed back and forth and then the 3rd time lucky for him he sent a good message which made me laugh and won him a date.

So, for the first time in a long time. I’m open. I’m ready to meet someone new, even if it’s just to spend a lovely evening having a laugh and talking about rubbish. I will no longer shut out the universe and the messages and things they are sending me and I will accept any fun or love that wants to be sent my way.

Here I am world. Come and get me 🙂

C xxx


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