Here are the tales and troubles of Little Miss C. Think Bridget Jones, Think Phoebe from Friends. Think average female, average life, average problems, average everything. Occasionally throw in a bit of fairy dust and the odd bit of sunshine and you’ve got yourself a 30 something single female just trying to make every day a little more interesting.
I like to think I found myself and who I was somewhere around the Indian Ocean, but slowly learning that I find myself a little bit more every day somehow. (Hence the constant updating of my “About me” page).
I started this writing journey about a year ago when I thought I was ready for dating again, basing it solely on dating experiences. But since then have discovered that I’m not sure I’ll ever be truly ready and that working on loving myself is more important than finding someone to do it for me. But don’t get me wrong, I’m finally happy to let a lovely male jump on board and help me. Which takes this writing adventure on a very new and different path.
The universe has become my best friend, with practicing The law of attraction and giving gratitude, every day becomes better than the last. I’m highly spiritual and filled with deep empathy and with both of those together I want to help people to be the very best versions of themselves.
I have a lot to say and sometimes not enough people to say it to. I think a lot of people (especially females) will relate to my tales, my woes and my love of life. Follow along and enjoy the times with me. You’ll be following tales of dating, friendships, good times and bad times. Who know’s you may even follow me into the next chapter of my life. I’m assuming that’s where I grow up and become sensible?? You can read more about me here.
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I’m not too bad at giving advice either so send me questions or anything you want me to write about and I’ll work on it.
Thanks for following, reading or whatever else you did when you visited the page.
C xx